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Jim Lillard (Left) and George Smith (Right) with Microsoft Office's Chief Employee "Clippy"We deal one-on-one with our customers and suppliers to construct each custom-computing platform with care using quality components. We've been in this business since 1991, starting the company as a part-time project while we were also working full-time for a major aerospace company located in Aurora, CO. Kept us really busy! Each of us brings to our customers the ability to provide custom PCs, create custom database applications, or to build entire web sites or e-Stores specific to their needs. We are also Intel Channel Partners and Microsoft System Builders, which translates into great products that will meet your most demanding needs.

With George and Don retiring from HLS Systems on April 30th of 2007, Carol Lillard has taken over the presidency of HLS Systems, Inc. while Jim is operating as the Treasurer and Secretary.

Carol Lillard is a graduate of CU, worked for the state of Colorado for many years, is an avid computer user...and shares Jim's passions for all things computerized. Carol brings much needed expertise to HLS Systems with her administrative and management skills.

Jim Lillard, HLS Systems, Inc.Jim spent 20 years in the USAF, with a stint in PMEL as a Metrologist and instructor. A long-time computer hobbyist, Jim founded "Compupair, Inc." in 1982, a successful computer maintenance business in Denver with ten employees servicing hundreds of local and mountain community users. Jim subsequently sold his business and went to work for a major aerospace company. Jim also heads up HLS's Microsoft Foxpro Database creation team and specializes in configuring and building servers.  e-Mail Jim



George Smith, HLS Systems, Inc.HLS's computer experience dates back to 1962, when George was assigned to maintain Minute Man Missile computer maintenance systems while serving in the USAF, following up with a 2nd career in 1965 as a USAF Metrologist (PMEL) and instructor working with state-of-the-art electronic test and measurement equipment. George eventually graduated into building his own PCs over the years, having experience in between with consumer products built by Atari, Kaypro, and Gateway. George was the lead with HLS's web site page authoring, managing, and setup team.   e-Mail George


Don Hunt, HLS Systems, Inc.Don Hunt, also a 20-year career USAF retiree, PMEL Metrologist and instructor, was an early owner of home PCs (one even used CPM, pre-dating DOS as the operating system...sort of dates that one), and spent many hours figuring out what made it tick. After purchasing several PCs from major PC manufacturers and experiencing their break downs as well, he also worked to figure out what made these tick and how to fix them! Don was the lead with HLS's Microsoft Access Database team. e-Mail Don

We originally started our company to provide a business entity through which to develop and commercialize database products. Our first product was a patient tracking system for a local hospital using Ashton Tate's dBASE software as the foundation. We continue to develop custom database applications using Microsoft's FoxPro, Microsoft’s Visual FoxPro, or Microsoft’s Access to meet our customer's specific needs.

After hearing one horror story after another from friends and acquaintances about quality and performance issues relating to PCs they've purchased either from some local "white box" supplier or from some "big box" company,  we decided to also build PCs for our customers, and to build them using only quality components suited to their specified needs. We do NOT use OEM* hardware parts manufactured specifically to increase our profit margin, but use only quality components having their original "full-up" capabilities and warrantees as provided by the original product's manufacturers. These are "off-the-shelf" manufactured parts with manufacturer's original warranties and specifications.

What Can HLS Systems, Inc.  Do For You?

HLS Systems, Inc. purchases genuine manufacturer's brand-name parts having their full-up manufacture's stated capabilities through our distributors and uses them to build customized personal computers, PCs, each uniquely different and suited to our customer’s specific computing needs. HLS Systems, Inc.  purchases and installs only the latest, state-of-the-art  brand name components having full manufacturer's warrantees. In part what this means is that you can go to the product manufacturer's web site directly to download the latest drivers for their products installed in your HLS Systems built PC, as opposed to having to go to the company from whom you purchased your computer (Gateway, Dell, etc.) to download custom drivers for the degraded products (having OEM-sourced brand names attached to them) they provide in their systems. We use quality, recognized products from Intel (motherboards, CPUs, Chip Sets, etc.); memory from Crucial, Kingston, and other quality suppliers of RAM; Creative Labs audio products; Promise Technology RAID controllers; ATI, Matrox, and other brand name video cards utilizing nVidia chipsets; Maxtor, Seagate, and Western Digital hard drives along with KingWin removable hard drive systems; IOMEGA ZIP Drive products; Plextor CD-ROM drives; Pioneer DVD, DVD- R/RW combo Reader/Players; and cases from many sources including Antec (from which we also purchase our upgraded power supplies), Kingwin, and CoolerMaster to name just a few. Our case selection considers the new Intel Thermally Advantaged Case (TAC) specifications to ensure adequate cooling of the PC's internal components.  As a result of using these as well as other select quality components, it is rare to have our PCs come back to us for repair as a result of hardware failures! We want our products to spend their time on your computer desk...not our workbench! That's why we choose to use quality components from name-brand manufacturers, and that's what makes our  custom computing platform products "worth their price!"

P4 Under Construction An HLS Systems PC under construction: This particular PC is based on an Intel Motherboard with an 815 ChipSet supporting an Intel 933MHz Pentium III "FlipChip" CPU. Our systems use cooling fans both in the front of the PC for cooling air intake and at the rear of the PC for warm air exhaust. Some of our cases supply additional cooling both at the top and side of the case.


4-Drive PC An HLS Video PC: This PC, specially designed to work with digital and analog video productions, uses the Promise FastTrack RAID controller board connected to two 20GB hard drives providing an approximate 50MB/Sec sustained data transfer rate with the drives operating in Stripe Mode. An additional 90GB hard drive capability is also built in to provide additional video production space. A cooling fan,  added in front of the drives, keeps their operating temperatures down.

Some of the other services we provide include:

  • Installation of quality networking components for Small Office Home Offices (SOHOs).
  • Work with our customers to build custom database products. Our applications are developed using either Microsoft's FoxPro or Access, depending upon the final application.
  • Develop and maintain web sites and e-commerce stores for our customers at very reasonable rates.
  • Train you to author and maintain your OWN web sites! One-on-one, personal training sessions will get you to the point where you can develop and maintain your own web site. Forget about paying others to do simple tasks such as the periodic updating of your web site with fresh content, and having to work with their timelines instead of yours!
  • Consulting services
  • SOHO Support
  • Custom Digital Graphics
  • Video/Slide Show Productions (Web, CD, or DVD-based)
  • Bubble Imaging (2D or 3D Panoramics)
  • Independent (Personal) Weather Station Setups
  • Hard Drive Data Recovery

*OEM: "Original Equipment Manufacturer" parts.

"An OEM (original equipment manufacturer) is a company that uses product components from one or more other companies to build a product that it sells under its own company name and brand. (The term is sometimes mistakenly used to refer to the company that supplies the components.) IBM is an example of a supplier to the OEM market (and IBM is also an OEM itself since it uses other companies' parts in some of its products). Many computer hardware manufacturers [Intel, ATI, etc.] that have their own brand-name products derive considerable revenue by reselling the product or key parts of it to OEM companies that seem to be competing in the same market. Arguments for selling to an OEM are that you may be able to make money from a market sector that your competitor already owns (perhaps because they have an existing customer base) and that you can be a more efficient producer because you sell and manufacture more of your product. Frequently, an OEM company differentiates itself from the company it buys parts from by adding [or deleting] features or using different selling concepts. Many OEM companies are selling a "solution" tailored to a particular vertical market."

Here's the issue: A large PC manufacturer XYZ  advertises, for example, that an "ATI All-In-Wonder" video card is installed in their PCs. What company XYZ does is to contract with ATI to build thousands of these video cards for their PCs. However, to hold their cost down in order to maximize their profits, there may be features that are disabled, are of lesser quality, diminished in terms of performance, or not even included...as opposed to the ATI card of the SAME name that you would buy off-the-shelf or directly from the manufacturer (supplier) of the card. Bottom line, that "mouse port" included with the video card may not be there on the OEM version of the card! Or, the OEM-version sound chip on your audio card may not implement all of the synthesized features you had expected to be there! A way to know whether or not your installed components are OEM parts in this sense is to find out who warrants the product and where you need to go to download updated drivers should you upgrade your operating system. If company XYZ warrants the parts (and/or provides the driver updates)...then these parts are more than likely "OEM." IF, on the other hand, ATI warrants your video card as well as provides the drivers for their product, then you know for sure you have an "original" version of that particular manufacturer's video card. If Gateway, for example,  warrants the same model number card and provides the drivers then it is an "OEM" product.

What's on that motherboard?

Current motherboards are including integrated products and capabilities that heretofore had to be purchased and installed as separate components. This in turn would increase the price of that product accordingly. For example, you will find video and/or audio capabilities integrated into Intel motherboards that weren't there a few years ago. This means you won't have the additional expense of having to purchase an additional PCI Express x16, PCI, or AGP video card or plug-in audio cards. When you purchase a PC incorporating these new technologies, you should expect to pay less for it. You can also find on newer motherboards additional components and/or capabilities such as USB ports (USB2.0 if current), IEEE-1394 Firewire Ports, and up to 6-channel (or greater) surround sound audio! Of course, motherboards incorporating any of this new technologies will cost you a bit more than a motherboard not having these features, but in the long run your system will cost less than if you had to purchase each of these components individually as add-on plug-in cards.

Tutorials and Other Bits of Information

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Data Recovery

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Disposal of Used Computers

Web Page/Cursor/Images/Text Special Effects

Menu Systems; Infinite Menus

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Disposing of Computers in Colorado

Colorado State List


Colorado ECO-Cycle
P.O. Box 19006
Boulder, CO 80308
Phone: (303) 444-6634

2911 Dawn Drive, Suite 2
Grand Junction, CO 81504
Phone: (970) 243-4647

Waste Management of Denver-Franklin Street
5395 Franklin Street
Denver, CO 80216
Phone: 303-914-1432
E-mail: adumas@wm.com
Service: Provides e-scrap recycling services statewide for cities and
counties, and commercial businesses through its asset recovery group.
(Note: This is a drop-off point only. They do NOT pick up items)
Cost per item: Monitors $14.00, Hard Drives $5.00, CPU $5.00, Mouse/Kbd $1.00,
other electronic waste is at $0.37/lb.



We use current Intel motherboards, CPUs, and Chipsets guaranteeing maximum compatibility with your software applications. Our latest products implement the most current Core 2 Duo and Quad CPUs for maximum computing performance, along with the newly-designed motherboards that support them.
Intel Inside Our PCs!
We use current technology CPUs, from fresh stock!
We use current technology motherboards from fresh stock


Yup! We're now building "Whitebooks!"
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We are Microsoft System Builders
Intel Channel Partners,
Providing you with the Best of the Best!


Memory from Crucial.com

If we can work with you to build your next PC, your database product...or with any of the other services we provide, please get in touch with:

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